COVID-19 Urgent Response

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, MiraKind is seeking your help in the form of donations and partnerships as it mobilizes to provide COVID-19 testing in its CLIA-approved high-complexity molecular diagnostics laboratory. As a first step, MiraKind is making test kits available to hospital and field-based healthcare providers, with plans to scale to 3,000 tests per day within the next several weeks, and up to 9,000 tests per day over the next month. All materials and processes are FDA and CDC-compliant.

MiraKind is the non-profit partner of MiraDx, a molecular diagnostic company founded in 2009 to advance the field of personalized genetic medicine. MiraKind’s mission is to enable individuals, in partnership with their doctors, to make informed health decisions based on their own genetic information. MiraKind, supported by MiraDx’s technological capabilities, is well-aligned to deliver COVID-19 testing so that individuals can learn their status in order to make the best health decisions, while preventing further spread of the disease.

How can you help?

MiraKind is looking for donations from individuals and/or foundations interested in helping ensure that the essential workforce has immediate and affordable access to COVID-19 testing.

As well, MiraDx is seeking potential partners, including healthcare networks, institutions, and/or corporations, who are interested in providing tests to their employees.

MiraDx is able to support collection and analysis for $150/test.

We welcome:


About Dr. Joanne Weidhaas and Mirakind

Dr. Joanne Weidhaas, MD, PhD, MSM, founded both MiraKind and MiraDx with the vision of changing the patient/provider relationship. MiraKind is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the understanding and use of genetics to deliver personalized disease prevention and treatment. To date, MiraKind’s focus on the oncological community has had a positive impact on thousands of patients’ lives by enabling agency for each patient via education and access to testing. In order to ensure seamless, cost-effective testing, MiraKind works hand-in-hand with MiraDx, which runs a CLIA-certified, high complexity molecular testing laboratory in Los Angeles, CA.

Please read this note from Joanne about why we're compelled to help.

MiraDx Ethos and Values

MiraDx is a mission-driven company built by smart, tough team players who are resilient change-makers in the field of personalized genetic diagnostics. They are motivated and driven by the need to improve human health, through compassion, communication, and change. Their goal is to radically revolutionize the healthcare industry via a scientific, data-driven approach, resulting in new pathways and processes for how personalized diagnostics are developed and delivered to patients and their physicians.