Show Your MiraKind Pride With a Donation!

We're thrilled to offer our brand new MiraKind Hoodie and MiraKind Tote Bag as a thank you for your generous donation to MiraKind!

Make your lifesaving gift of $75 or more, and we'll send you our new tote bag so you can show your MiraKind pride everywhere you go. Make a gift of $250 or more, and we'll send you our brand new MiraKind hoodie to help keep you warm this holiday season!

Donate $75 or more

I ♥ Genetic Research Tote Bag

I love genetic research tote bag
Donate $250 or more

Black Unisex MIraKind Hoodie

MIraKind Hoodie

Your gift will go directly into funding MiraKind's work that is dedicated to education and cutting edge, patient-centric research on novel genetic markers that provide powerful information about personalized disease risk, prevention, and treatment.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. 
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