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Why Join a Study?

By joining a MiraKind study, you can play a role in helping MiraKind answer some of the most pressing questions associated with cancer risk and prevention for individuals with the KRAS-variant. We are on a mission to better understand the behaviors, environmental factors, and lifestyle choices that can influence an individual’s risk of cancer, and your participation in a study helps us get closer to finding the answers to improve health for all individuals with the KRAS-variant, as well as to understand new genetic mutations like the KRAS-variant.

Current Study

We are working on a research study to further understand how hormone replacement therapy (HRT) decreases the risk of cancer in women with the KRAS-variant, and to identify other women for whom HRT may impact cancer risk.

Our current study is focused on Women’s Health and its goal is to help better understand the benefits of maintaining levels of estrogen during perimenopause and menopause for women with the KRAS-variant. Our previous work suggests that Hormone Replacement Therapy is beneficial to women with the KRAS-variant and can help prevent breast cancer. We want to further validate these findings.

If you are a woman, 35 years or older, you can help us with this life-saving research by submitting a DNA sample! Follow the instructions below.

Joining a Study is Free
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1. Fill out the survey

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2. Request your test kit

Swab your mouth and send in mail

3. Collect and then mail in your DNA sample

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