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Ambassadors are advocates, leaders, and survivors who are committed to educating, inspiring and mentoring other women’s healthcare experiences. Ambassadors receive mentorship, support, networking opportunities, and training to develop and execute a plan-of-action to improve education within their community.

It is our hope that through the MiraKind Ambassador program we will educate women by sharing stories, promoting early detection and improve access to genetic research. Our Ambassadors are women just like you who share their experiences, inspire, guide and connect within their local communities.

MiraKind is proud of our Ambassadors. They share experiences and details of their unique health and genetics to help others navigate through their own women’s health concerns. We hope these stories help you feel connected, educated and inspired.

If you are interested speaking with an Ambassador or in joining our Ambassador program, please request information by completing the form below:

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Diverse women MiraKind ambassadors
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