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Join the MiraKindness Club: a Community of Inspiration and Strength

The Mirakindness club aims to connect women with a network of like minded individuals who have been impacted by cancer and the KRAS-variant.  The club gives you special access to webinars with our Founder, Doctor Joanne Weidhaas, as well as ongoing, inspirational stories of courage and communication with other members.

Your continued support of MiraKind through your MiraKindness club membership help us research cancer, and ultimately save lives. Not only that, but your ongoing donations are fully tax-deductible!

An example of the stories we will share

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What You Get

  • Special First Access to Webinars with Dr. Weidhaas
  • Early access to amazing stories by women impacted by the KRAS-variant and cancer
  • A tax-deductible donation receipt, every bit helps!
  • Immediate access to a special online community (still being developed, but stay tuned!)

Become a Sustaining Member

It is easy to become a part of the MiraKindness Club. To join our club of proud and nurturing supporters, just fill in the form below:

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These tax-deductible monthly donations will help ensure that we at MiraKind are able to grow our vibrant community, continue our ongoing research, and award financial assistance to an even larger number of deserving women so that they can receive life-changing test results. We view your monthly gift as kindness in its most genuine and generous form.

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