Access to Testing

Access To Testing

Part of MiraKind's mission is to enable access to testing for our unique genetic variants.

Anyone who orders testing through MiraKind is enrolled in an ongoing research registry. The purpose of MiraKind's registry is to learn more about how to best help people with our unique genetic variants.

Currently, there are three tests patients can access through MiraKind: The KRAS-variant, PROSTOX, and PrevIOTOX.

KRAS-Variant Testing

The KRAS-variant test is accessible to women considering estrogen therapy, or anyone with a family or personal history of cancer.


PROSTOX is accessible to prostate cancer patients who are evaluating treatment options.


PrevIOTOX is accessible to cancer patients who are evaluating immunotherapy treatment options.


What is being tested?

Your saliva sample is collected to test your DNA for specific inherited genetic differences, called variants. The variants we study are not found in other genetic testing approaches, and are the unique genetics that are the basis of the MiraKind mission.

Improving cancer care with our continued research

When you order a test, you also consent to being added to one of MiraKind's research registries. The purpose of MiraKind's registries is to follow individuals with our genetic variants to learn more about how to help them prevent and best treat their cancer. Participation in a MiraKind registry entails answering periodic surveys about your health after your testing is complete.

The greatest benefit of participating in MiraKind's research is that you are helping find answers to improve the health of others.

Learn more about a specific test: The KRAS-variant, PROSTOX, or PrevIOTOX.


Any discussion of medical management options on this website is for general informational purposes only and does not constitute a medical recommendation. All medical management decisions should be made based on consultation between each patient and his or her healthcare professional.

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