What is the Role of Hormone Replacement Therapy in Breast Cancer Risk or Prevention?

Dating back to 2002, there have been several studies stating that hormone replacement therapy (HRT) increases the risk for breast cancer.12 HRT was vilified, and many women stopped using or never started using HRT. However, those findings are now in question, and clearly do not apply to all women.16 For women with the KRAS-variant, HRT appears to be protective.7 The goal of this study is to find additional groups of women who are protected by or put at risk of cancer by HRT use.

If you are a women over 35 years old, you can help by enrolling in this study. Start the process by taking a 10-15 minute survey. Please visit the study page here to learn more and access the survey.


Hormones, the KRAS-variant and Breast Cancer Risk

Thanks to working with patients/women/individuals just like you, this study has been completed and published, and was the first evidence that cancer risk for women with the KRAS-variant is uniquely impacted by hormonal exposures. Please see our follow-up study here.



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