KRAS-variant is an inherited genetic mutation found in 20 percent of cancer

MiraKind is a Community of Education & Support for People & Families with the KRAS-variant,

an inherited genetic mutation associated with cancer.

MiraKind conducts patient-centric studies to provide KRAS-variant individuals and their families access to groundbreaking genetic research and a community of support so that together, we can find actionable and meaningful strategies to prevent and treat cancer.

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What is the KRAS-variant?

Cells are constantly undergoing a process of growth, repair, and death as part of their normal life cycle. The KRAS-variant is an inherited genetic mutation that impairs the cell’s abilities to communicate these signals for self-regulation, resulting in either unchecked cell growth or too few cell deaths, both of which can lead to increased cancer risk.

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The Little-Known Genetic Mutation Behind Many Aggressive Cancers

Despite the dangers of the KRAS-variant mutation, few doctors have heard of it. But one researcher is trying to change that.

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“It’s wonderful to feel that my participation in a study may have such meaning for others."

“I am so grateful my daughter, my daughter-in-law, and all young women will benefit from your efforts.”

"For the first time since my diagnosis I felt more powerful than my cancer."

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Our Mission

MiraKind’s mission is to unite patients with groundbreaking genetic research to advance the prevention and treatment of disease based on each individual’s unique genetic makeup. We are dedicated to providing individuals and their doctors with actionable information that will empower them to make the best decisions about their health. We invite everyone to get involved in our community by participating in research studies, supporting our work, and helping to spread the word.

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