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The first example of a unique type of inherited genetic variant - the KRAS-Variant

In 2006, our founder Joanne Weidhaas, MD, PhD, co-discovered an inherited genetic variant called the KRAS-variant.1 Our ensuing research on the KRAS-variant has shown that the KRAS-variant and variants like it are extremely unique in that lifestyle choices can impact the health outcomes of people with these variants.

For example, although people with the inherited KRAS-variant have an increased risk of certain types of cancers, that risk can be reduced in women by maintaining estrogen levels.1-7

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Tina Kelly and her family
Tina Kelly

MiraKind Lead Ambassador

"As much as I wanted to know, I really didn't expect to have this marker. I soon realized that having this information was a good thing for my family and me. In fact, for the first time since my diagnosis, I felt more powerful than my cancer."

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What we believe

Knowledge is power

People should understand their genetics in a way that empowers them to protect their health.

We must do better

We can do better in the fight against cancer by applying our new understanding of genetics and working directly with patients to find meaningful answers.

Together, we are strong

We work with our patients to search for answers and solutions for people with the KRAS-variant and other genetic variants like it.

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