MiraKind's research relies on patients to help understand how our unique genetics play a role in disease risk, prevention, and treatment.

Our research investigates newly discovered microRNA-based, inherited genetic variants. Patients with these variants respond differently to external stresses which can lead to disease development, as well as predict different responses to treatments. Understanding these genetic variants has incredible potential to make advances in both disease prevention and treatment personalization.1-7


Our Research Registries

We have created research registries to pursue the additional potential impact these genetic variants can have.

A research registry is a collection of information about individuals gathered through questionnaires. The information allows us to study these genetic variants over time. We follow patients to learn more about their health journeys, including what health choices they make, and how those choices impact their health. We specifically follow individuals who have been identified as having one of the variants we have identified as important in cancer risk, prevention, or treatment response.

By joining one of our registries you will be helping advance science and medicine for you and people like you.

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If you have previously sent us a sample or been in a MiraKind study, contact us at if you'd like to be included in a research registry. By joining a MiraKind research registry, you agree to be contacted by us and answer periodic health-related questionnaires.



Any discussion of medical management options on this website is for general informational purposes only and does not constitute a medical recommendation. All medical management decisions should be made based on consultation between each patient and his or her healthcare professional.

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