Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

stephanie long 1

‘For Me, It’s Good to Know’

Stephanie Czajkowski is one of those actors who, when you see her on a television program or movie screen, you say to yourself, “Wait, haven’t I seen her before?” You probably have….

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Susan Levine and daughters crop

‘It’s not only about Prevention; It’s about Enlightenment’

In 2021, Susan Levine had much to celebrate.  The Los Angeles-based luxury recruiting firm she founded in 1981 had expanded to five divisions and eight offices around the country. It had a…

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patient story

Turning Knowledge Into Action & Power

Jane* had always followed the medical guidelines, so at age 40, she started her annual mammogram screenings. In March of 2009, right before her 57th birthday, Jane went in for what she…

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jenns story

Connecting a Family History of Cancer with Personal Health

Jenn Roark was only 33 when she was first diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Breast Cancer. She felt a hard spot on her breast, short of a lump, but decided to be safe…

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Karen story best

How Genetic Testing Helped Karen Navigate Her Cancer Treatment

When pathology reports from her lung cancer biopsy showed that 56-year-old Karen Peterson was positive for the KRAS oncogene, she had never heard of the KRAS protein before. Karen and her family…

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hazel story

How Hazel Helped Scientists Learn More About Hormone Replacement Therapy

For women approaching or experiencing menopause, the question of whether or not to utilize hormone replacement therapy is a common one. After her hysterectomy at age 45, Hazel, now 87 years old…

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heather story

Why “Self Care” is not “Selfish”

Cancer survivors and their loved ones are no strangers to the adverse effects chemotherapy can have on one’s body, mind, and spirit. Despite these setbacks, Mirakind community member and blogger, Heather Trojan,…

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cathy cropped

16-Year Breast Cancer Survivor, Cathy Ledvina

The holiday season is a time of remembrance. We relive our favorite memories around the dinner table, exchange gifts with those who helped make them, and mourn those no longer with us….

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devon story

Doctor resistance to get KRAS-variant tested

Devon and her Obstetrician/Gynecologist always had a good rapport. During their decade-long relationship as patient and physician, Devon credited her doctor with maintaining her health, saving her daughter’s life despite delivery complications,…

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joanne daughter story

My “best friend and idol,” my mother, Joanne Perriens

This is Laura’s keynote address from the 2017 ACS Relay for Life, her testament to her mother, her “best friend and idol.” Her mother, Joanne Perriens’ story can be read here. Courage is defined as…

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joanne story

“I’ve outlived three oncologists”

This article draws upon an interview Joanne Perriens had with our MiraGuide Amanda in June 2016. We were deeply saddened to learn that Joanne lost her battle to breast cancer shortly after…

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michelles story

“Making Something out of Nothing”

Waiting for her flight at the airport, Michelle Zacharia found herself walking in a direction she did not intend: toward the wall of magazines.  Michelle, a person totally disinterested in celebrity gossip…

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tina story

“Nobody plans to get cancer–I certainly didn’t.”

During the summer of 2009, Tina Kelly noticed two pea-sized lumps in her right breast.  Feeling strong and having plenty of energy, she thought for sure they were benign fibroids, which she…

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nancy story

Using My Illness to Change the Future

A Guest Post by Nancy Bower Kantola Chavez: “It’s definitely cancer” is what I heard on the second day of my summer vacation in July 1995. I was 34 years old and…

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