Webinar: Estrogen Management and the KRAS-Variant

Estrogen Management and the KRAS-Variant

What you'll learn

In this webinar, MiraKind's Founder, Dr. Joanne Weidhaas, will discuss the relationship between estrogen management and the KRAS-variant. She also talks about results from our first study, the Army of Women.

After watching this webinar, you will gain a basic understanding of:

  • The two types of genetic mutations
  • The difference between BRCA & the KRAS-variant
  • Estrogen & Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)
  • Our findings about estrogen and the KRAS-variant and what that means for individuals
  • Upcoming studies

This webinar was originally aired in December 2015, but is now available to you anytime as a recording.

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