Top 5 Reasons to Give a Charitable Donation this Holiday Season


This time of year, the malls and online stores are filled with shoppers, eager to purchase the perfect gift for friends and loved ones near and far. We may be biased, but one of our favorite things to do at Christmas is to give a charitable donation in lieu of presents.

Top 5 Reasons to Give a Charitable Donation this Year

We have three key areas we’d like to study more next year: Her-2 positive breast cancer, the KRAS-variant, and autoimmunity. With your help, we can expand our genetic research and share our findings with the medical community to help improve treatment and understanding in these areas.

So, why is a charitable donation the best kind of present?

1. You can give two gifts in one

Not only are you giving a heart-warming gift to your loved one, but you’re also helping hundreds (if not thousands) of others simultaneously on behalf of the gift recipient. What an amazing way to deliver a double-whammy of Christmas cheer!

2. Your gift has a deeper meaning

Instead of giving things that may or may not be used, you’re giving the gift of research. By donating to MiraKind, you’re contributing to scientific advancement in the genetics space, which will help us better understand the causes and treatments for different types of cancers, chronic diseases, and autoimmune disorders.

3. You can honor the memory loved ones who have passed away

When we lose a loved one too soon, they often live on in our memories. This is a great way to honor their memory by giving back to an area of research that they were passionate about or impacted by.

4. Reduce your environmental footprint

Making an online donation is an excellent way to reduce your environmental footprint. No packaging, no paper, and no fuss!

5. It just feels good to give back

Who says gift giving shouldn’t feel great for you too? Knowing you’re supporting medical advancement and helping people who suffer from cancer and other diseases feels just as great for the giver as it does for the receiver of the gift.

Inspired to contribute to donate or know someone who would be interested? Visit this link for details!


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