Family History of Cancer

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The KRAS-variant and Second Cancer Risk

A second cancer diagnosis is often a concern of cancer patients. Although it seems unfair to have to go through the whole cancer journey again, the good news is that it is…

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Hereditary Breast Cancer and How to Get Checked

Breast cancer can be caused by hereditary factors, environmental factors, or both. In this blog post, we will discuss what hereditary breast cancer is, the known genetic variants associated with it, and…

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Talking About Family History of Cancer With New Partners and Loved Ones

As we grow older and enter middle age, thoughts about our health and its implications for the future become more pronounced: particularly when it comes to cancer. The mere mention of “the…

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Understanding different genetic causes of cancer: BRCA variants vs. the KRAS-variant

This post explores BRCA variants vs. the KRAS-variant and is part two of our series on understanding the different genetic causes of cancer. In part one of our series, we compared genetic…

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Understanding the different causes of cancer: genetic variants vs. genetic mutations

Learn more about how our genes play a role in cancer development in this two-part series comparing different genetic variants and genetic mutations. For Part 1, we’ll discuss the KRAS-variant and KRAS…

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