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Talking About Family History of Cancer With New Partners and Loved Ones

As we grow older and enter middle age, thoughts about our health and its implications for the future become more pronounced: particularly when it comes to cancer. The mere mention of “the…

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Scientist using multi-channel pipette for pipetting a 96 well plate with red solution on blue.

New Research: How Inherited DNA -Based Mutations Impact Immunotherapy

The partners on the UCLA research team have made new discoveries about how genetic mutations can help doctors predict patient responses to cancer-fighting immunotherapy drugs. In the past, we have spoken a…

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Top 5 Reasons to Give a Charitable Donation this Holiday Season

This time of year, the malls and online stores are filled with shoppers, eager to purchase the perfect gift for friends and loved ones near and far. We may be biased, but…

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Samples in a lab

The truth about GWAS and the KRAS-variant

Although much of the world has accepted that GWAS studies, which use an outdated technology looking at large amounts of data, have failed to find any functional mutations, this approach has twice…

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