The class of inherited variants we discovered and continue to research can help identify the best treatment choices for patients.


Our sister company, MiraDx, uses our recently discovered inherited variants to identify treatments that are the most effective with the fewest side effects.

Specifically, knowing whether an individual carries these genetic variants can help identify them as a responder or non-responder to therapies being used today. In addition, recent work has shown that these mutations are biomarkers of immune and inflammatory responses, leading to studies in immunotherapy treatments of cancer.

Research is ongoing to develop the best approaches for treating cancer patients with this class of variant. By applying these biomarkers, we can make a significant leap forward in personalizing cancer therapy.

Treatment of cancer for individuals with the KRAS-variant

The biology of the KRAS-variant, an inherited genetic mutation, affords great promise for treating cancer in the 20-25% of cancer patients who carry this biomarker.

In fact, recent research has shown that the KRAS-variant plays an important role in the body’s response to cancer therapies by affecting an individual’s immune system. Specifically, studies have found that certain cancer medications are far more effective for KRAS-variant cancer patients, while others do not work well. Research to determine which treatments work best for KRAS-variant patients have been conducted in breast,7 ovarian,22,25 colon,26-37 lung,38,39 and head and neck cancer.23,40,41

Currently, there is a prospective clinical trial being conducted at UCLA for KRAS-variant/HPV+ head and neck cancer patients (HNSCC). 

Learn more about links between the KRAS-Variant and specific Cancer Diagnoses.

Read findings about specific types of cancers, please review our scientific publications.


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