New Partnership Alert: MiraKind & gennev


MiraKind is committed to providing our community with the best tools possible to tackle challenges in the arena of women’s health. This is why MiraKind is partnering with gennev, a first-of-its-kind telehealth clinic offering expert counsel to women about menopause.

Gennev is a growing community of women and practitioners that align with MiraKind’s commitment to promote a healthcare system that supports a woman’s personal health journey through the many stages of her life, especially menopause.

Genneve was founded by Jill Angelo, a former Microsoft executive, and Jacqueline Brandywine, a former Neutrogena executive, with the intent to make a “big, positive impact on women’s health.” They spoke with women all over America and saw the invisible struggle that women entering menopause faced and decided to respond boldly by launching genneve.

Menopause is of special interest to MiraKind, because as MiraKind’s research has shown, continuing estrogen into menopause may help decrease cancer risk for individuals with the KRAS-variant, as estrogen withdrawal appears to be a trigger for cancer for KRAS-variant positive women. (McVeigh, 2015) Therefore, we are working with genneve so that every woman in our MiraKind community can be given access to informed and appropriate information about menopause and Hormone Replacement Therapy, and have access to physicians that understand these life changes, who are also knowledgeable about the KRAS-variant.

Soon you will be able to place your order for the KRAS-variant directly through genneve’s online questionnaire.

But for now, If you are to order your KRAS-variant testing you can do so here. Once your KRAS-variant results are complete, our team can help facilitate connecting you with the genneve network!


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